Potential NFL deal expected soon

By Marc A. Greenberg

Get ready, New York Jets fans.

The NFL and NFLPA held no so secret labor negotiations this past week and reportedly made progress to the point where a framework of a new collective bargaining agreement could be in place by the weekend, according to Yahoo Sports.

“A June 30 or July 4 announcement is a reasonable expectation,” the source said. “My sense is that by week’s end they are likely to have some substantial framework if not a complete plan to go back and present to the owners and the players.”

Already set to meet next Tuesday in Chicago, NFL owners have been told by the league to prepare to be there all night.

Apparently, both sides, after hearing the Honorable Kermit Bye, the presiding judge of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, urge an agreement, have come together and realistically attempted to resolve this labor dispute.

“That’s when the sides got real with each other,” the source said. “When the deadline loomed large they started to work on the real issues.”

A CBSSports.com report Tuesday that the deal was ’80-85 percent done’ was met with agreement by our source. “I think that’s accurate,” he said.