Goodell tells fans lockout is for them

By Marc A. Greenberg

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is a good guy.  Looking out for owners, players and fans…. At least according to him.

Speaking to Tampa Bay Buccaneers season ticket holders, Goodell told the fans that one of the reasons for the lockout is to curb the rising cost of football tickets.

“We can’t continue to shift the cost, whether it’s the rising player cost or the rising cost of operating an NFL franchise, on to our fans,” Goodell said, per the Tampa Tribune. “That’s why we’re trying to get a better economic model. And I think everyone understands that. You are not being left out of the equation. The fans are a big part of that equation and a big part of the success of NFL football.”

What a nice guy.  Something tells me, however, that this lockout will have absolutely no effect on the cost of New York Jets games.