D’Brick working at GNC

By Marc A. Greenberg

Imagining walking into your neighborhood GNC store and seeing D’Brickashaw Ferguson behind the counter.

On Tuesday, that became a reality on 57th St. in Manhattan.

D’Brick, on hand to promote Gatorage G Series PRO Line Sports drink, rang up customers and of course, smiled for the cameras.

The New York Jets left tackle noted that he has experience behind the register. While growing up on Long Island, he worked as a 7-Eleven cashier.

As to the promoting of goods when he would typically be involved in team workouts, Ferguson noted the difference. “It’s a little different,” Ferguson said with a laugh. “But this is a fun event.”

“Everybody wants to come back and play, but we don’t want to come back and play if it means that we’re not going to have the things we know are important to us.

“We’ll just keep waiting and, hopefully, when we do come back … it will be good for both sides.”

With the progress both the NFL and the NFLPA appear to be making, maybe D’Brick should see if there is an opening at the GNC.