The Last Thing The Jets Need is Randy Moss

By FanSided Staff

Despite there being an NFL lock out and at this point no football for next season, the rumors continue about the  Jets interest in signing Randy Moss. Here is my advice for the Jets, please don’t do it. The Patriots couldn’t wait to get rid of him last season and the Vikings and Titans regretted trading for him. The last thing the Jets need is a head case like Randy Moss on the team. The Jets already have enough nut jobs on the team, including the coach, and do not need another.

The Jets will have some options at wide receiver if there is a season. Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards, and Brad Smith are all free agents. Most believe the Jets are likely to resign Holmes. Holmes is the best of the three and will get himself a nice sized contract. Smith is also a possibility to be back due to the fact that he will not likely demand a crazy contract. The issue then becomes Braylon Edwards. Edwards is going to want to get paid, but will the Jets be able to pay him what he wants? If Edwards decides to lower his demands, his return is a greater possibility. We have heard so much about how much he loves playing for Rex, so we will now see how true that is.

If it is between Moss and Edwards, give me Edwards. Edwards will demand a bigger contract, but is less of head case and much younger and better at this point in their careers. Even if Edwards contract demands are too high, don’t replace him with Moss. The Jets can find someone else to play wide receiver not named Braylon Edwards or Randy Moss. Plaxico Burress is getting out of jail. Give him a call.