Sanchez denies relationship with Actress

By Marc A. Greenberg

New York Jets Mark Sanchez is facing some more pressure.  This time, it’s not from a Defensive lineman.

It’s from the media.

Sports gossip site is reporting that Sanchez and actress Hayden Panettiere, who recently split with heavyweight boxer Vladimir Klitschko, are dating.

Sanchez met with the media on Wednesday to deny rumors that he is dating her.

“Not really. Nothing there. I know her, but I’m definitely not dating her,” Sanchez told

The website is reporting that “The two are exclusively seeing each other, but trying to keep it under wraps,” adding, “They are really serious about making it work.”

The New York Post reported Sanchez, 24, and Panettiere, 21, were out in L.A. together in April, reportedly “trying to hide their affection.” The pair also were spotted together at events in Las Vegas. says after the breakup, Panettiere called Sanchez, who is spending his time in California during the NFL lockout, rather than in New Jersey.