Bart Scott Says: Super Bowl or Bust

By FanSided Staff

In addition to saying the NFL is insane in a recent interview with ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio; Bart Scott also spoke about head coach Rex Ryan’s yearly Super Bowl predictions.  Scott stated “We embrace the challenge. I think it’s about time for us to get it done and see this thing through because after a while people are going to start looking at it as a joke.”

I am not the biggest Bart Scott fan and happen to think he does more of his talking off the field than on, but I have to agree with him.  Rex Ryan already is not taken seriously by most people and if he continues to make predictions that do not come true, he will not just look like a joke, but will start to lose his credibility as a head coach.

If Rex wants to talk the talk, he needs to eventually back it up.  Losing two years in a row in the AFC Championship game is not backing it up and not something a team should pound their chests about.  The Bills lost 4 straight Super Bowls and they are the butt end of many jokes.  They Jets have not even come close to getting to that point.

I would like to see the Jets go out and play football.  How does making Super Bowl predictions help a team win?  I think it only gives opposing teams extra motivation to beat the Jets more.  Maybe Rex wants to make the prediction every year, this way if it does happen, he can say I told you so.

Regardless, if the season is played, the Jets will be held to the expectation of not only going to a Super Bowl, but winning it.  If winning the Super Bowl is not achieved, is Rex just going to guarantee winning it the following year?  Should we start referring to Rex as the Patrick Ewing of the NFL?   This story is getting very old.

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