NFL Lockout Has Led to Twitter Abuse

By FanSided Staff

The NFL player’s lockout has led many of the NFL players to their cell phones and keyboards tweeting away.  I call it Twitter abuse.  For some it is like a drug addiction.

Chad Ochocinco let the world know about his attempts at bull riding.  He rode a bull for 1.5 seconds and received $10,000 dollars for it.  Great country we live in.

Reggie Bush had himself out of New Orleans and then back in New Orleans.  He also expressed how much enjoyment he is having chilling out, making appearances and vacationing.   He then claimed he was only joking around.

Rashard Mendenhall expressed his views on American and support for Osama bin Laden.  The Steelers were forced to apologize and remove themselves from everything Mendenhall said.

This all proves why we need football back immediately.  The players are bored and have nothing else going on in their lives.  If the players are back on the field, we can avoid all the twitter nonsense.  Leave the tweeting to the real writers.

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