Sanchez Takes the Lead at “Jets West”

By FanSided Staff

Despite being depressed about the NFL lockout, I have paid attention to what Mark Sanchez is doing out in California. Jet fans should be very impressed and encouraged that Sanchez has taken it upon himself to hold voluntary work outs with other players on the team. This is not something Sanchez is required to do, and not everyone in the league is doing it.

Sanchez is only going into his 3rd year in the league, yet is showing the leadership skills of a player going into their 10th season.  He has also set the example of being the hardest worker on the team.  When your quarterback is the hardest worker, it creates a domino effect throughout the entire organization.  Sanchez is setting the standard for what it means to “Play Like a Jet”.

I think some were skeptical of him when he was first drafted, saying he was very “Hollywood”, and not a New York type of guy, but he has proven that theory wrong. He has what it takes to not only play in this town, but lead a team to success.

There are not many other quarterbacks around the league that have taken their team to the playoffs in their first two seasons, winning 4 games on the road.  He might never become Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, but he is constantly proving he has the ability to be a winner and that is all you can ask for from your quarterback.  Jet fans hope Sanchez will take the next step, and be more consistent throughout the entire season.