Rex Ryan continues Super talk on book tour

By Marc A. Greenberg

He’s back, folks.  And he brings the same message.

You’ve heard it before, you’ll hear it again.  New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan thinks the Jets are headed for the Super Bowl.

“I’ll say this, get used to it,” Ryan said yesterday. “In my opinion, the best is yet to come.  “I know what it takes to win a Super Bowl, and I’m confident we’re going to win one, and not just win one, we’re going to win it this year.”

Rex, touring the local circuits for his new book “Play Like You Mean It”  made an appearance on “The Late Show with David Letterman.”


“This is going to be different,” said Ryan before meeting with David Letterman. “I’m just going to be myself anyway. I’d be nervous if I had to go sing or dance or something.”

Letterman ended up talking with Ryan about Brett Favre and former strength coach Sal Alosi, and the famous trip-gate scandal.

Stay tuned for Ryan’s next stop.