The New Bad Boys of the NFL

By FanSided Staff

The Jets are becoming the 70′s and 80′s Oakland Raiders, and more recently, the Cincinnati Bengals, with so many players that are absolutely nuts.  Whether it is drunken driving, possession of drugs, assault, foot fetish videos, sexual harassment, or middle fingers, the Jets do not discriminate.  It seems like the more troubled the better.

They added another one. Second round draft pick Kenrick Ellis faces the possibility of 20 years in prison for felony assault charges. To add fuel to the fire, Ellis was kicked off the South Carolina football team in 2008 for multiple drug violations. That is why he ended up going to Hampton. He sounds like a great guy. The Jets will tell you he changed, but we all know that’s probably a bunch of lies.  Ellis should fit in well.

Who is next?  T.O? Randy Moss? Please no.  The two of them make Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards look like choir boys.