Jets draft pick facing 20 years in prison

By Marc A. Greenberg

We all know the New York Jets aren’t afraid of some baggage in their players.  Drug history (Santonio Holmes, Shaun Ellis), 8 or so kids with 8 different women (Antonio Cromartie), DWI (Braylon Edwards), etc.

Why would their draft picks be any different?

Welcome to NY Kenrick Ellis.

From a football standpoint, the Jets rated the Nose Tackle from Hampton as their 36th player on their draft board, according to VP of scouting Joey Clinkscales.   Sounds like a steal.

Look a little closer though and you will see why the Jets were able to get Ellis with the 94th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Kenrick Ellis is looking at a July jury trial for felony assault charges which carry a maximum 20 yrs in prison, according to the Daily Press in Newport News, Va.

In addition, in 2008, Ellis was thrown off the South Carolina team after reportedly failing multiple drug tests.  The assault charge came during his time at Hampton, where he was arrested for reportedly breaking the nose and jaw of a person that came after him with a baseball bat.