Judge Nelson’s Denial of NFL Motion was the Logical Decision

By Alan Schechter

As I broke earlier, Judge Nelson denied the NFL’s request for a stay of her ruling to lift the lockout, pending the league’s appeal of that decision. I am not a lawyer, but frankly, I don’t see how this could have gone another way. Let me explain.

The lynchpin of the NFL argument was that they would be caused “irreparable harm” by opening their doors, to then possibly have to close them a few days later. Basically they were saying, as Mike Francesa said on WFAN today, that they can’t “unscramble the egg”. Good analogy I thought. However, as Mike put it, and I agree, that argument is ridiculous.

How could the league say they couldn’t be open for business, when they are opening for business for 3 days for the draft anyway? League offices will be open from Thursday-Saturday, all across the country, but the league will be harmed if they open for their existing players? Really?

Does it make sense that the league can open for business for college players, but not for its existing players? “We aren’t really open for business, we are just drafting players.” Listen to that, and let it rattle in the brain for a second. On one hand, they can’t open for business or they will be caused harm, on the other, THEY ARE OPENING FOR BUSINESS ANYWAY!

I am no lawyer but that argument just doesn’t make any sense. If I were judge Nelson, I would have ruled the same way, after I finished laughing at the argument being made by the lawyers.

As far as the appeal goes, will the ruling to lift the lockout ultimately be overturned? That I will leave to people that actually have legal expertise, but as far as the motion for a stay, it made no sense, Judge Nelson did the right thing, and hopefully the court in St. Louis will do the same thing, and keep the doors open so the league year can begin.