Jets Draft Day Blunders

By FanSided Staff

The NFL Draft is a day for fans to see the future of the franchise they follow.  For Jet fans, it has been difficult at times.  The Jets have become infamous with their draft day blunders.  Whether it be Ken O’Brien over Dan Marino, Blair Thomas over Emmitt Smith, Kyle Brady over Warren Sapp, or Dwayne Robertson over Kevin Williams, the list goes on and on.  Joe Beningo of WFAN has the famous line “oh the pain”.  Those draft decisions have given Jet fans a lot of pain.

The best part of these drafts is they take place in New York.  The building is jammed packed with Jet fans waiting to explode as the Commissioner makes the big announcement.  So many times, that poor 21 year old kid has heard a chorus of boos.  Now that is true pain.

Click on the link for great ESPN video montage of NY Jets Draft Blunders