D’Brickashaw tries to workout for $750k

By Marc A. Greenberg

New York Jets offensive tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson showed up at the Jets facility today to get in an early workout…and $750.000.  With the largest bonus in the NFL, D’Brick just needs to participate in off season workouts to earn the bonus.

One day after Judge Susan Nelson lifted the lockout between the owners and players, D’Brick was ready to collect.

Ferguson’s agent, Brad Blank, told ESPN what he expects will happen.

“It only makes sense for a guy with a big workout bonus,” Blank said. “It’s not going to be a huge thing. He’ll go to the office, the security guard will say, “No, I can’t let you in’ and he’ll leave quietly. It’s not going to be James Meredith at Mississippi, with the national guard.”

By showing up, Ferguson will reserve his claim over the $750,000 owed by the Jets.

Other players have big bonuses tied to workouts, including Bryan Thomas ($500,000), Mike DeVito ($350,000), Calvin Pace ($250,000) and Bart Scott ($250,000).