Breaking down the Jets Schedule

By Marc A. Greenberg

Lock-out? What lock-out?

Apparently unconcerned over the pink elephant in the room, the NFL released its schedule for the 2011-2012 Season last night, with the New York Jets receiving mixed reviews. With a bearable beginning, the season has a killer middle for the Jets. Gang Green better hope it gets off to a good start.

Let’s break down the season into four quarters. The goal is to go 3-1 in each quarter, ending in a 12-4 season.

Games 1-4Home to CowboysHome to JaguarsAt RaidersAt Ravens

With the first three games against non-playoff teams, the NFL is all but begging the Jets to get off to a quick start. It’s asking alot for the Jets to start out 3-0, but that game in Baltimore will be tough. A bad loss to the Raiders in Week 3 could mean a 2-2 start. Throw in a home opener against Rex Ryan’s brother (Defensive Coordinator for the Cowboys) for fun.

Games 5-8At PatriotsHome to DolphinsHome to ChargersBYEAt Bills

Here is where the schedule gets interesting. A road game in Foxboro, followed by the Dolphins and Chargers at Home. Getting off to a 3-1 start could mean good things in New England. A 2-2 start could mean doom in New England followed by let downs against Miami and San Diego. Again, a good start will be the difference for the mind-set of this team. Expect a 2-2 split here.

Games 9-12Home to PatriotsAt Broncos (Thursday)Home to BillsAt Redskins

There is no getting around this one; a Thursday night game in Denver, after a Patriots game, is all but impossible. Emotions aside, the thin air that Denver provides will make this game a struggle. The Jets will have to rely on winning against New England, Buffalo and in Washinton to stay afloat. A 2-2 split here and the Jets could be missing the playoffs with a 10-6 record.

Games 13-16Home to ChiefsAt EaglesHome to Giants (Christmas Eve)At Dolphins (New Years Day)

A festive finish to the season. Christmas Eve against the Giants will be a fan favorite game with plenty of noise, and a New Years Day in Miami will potentially be a 9th home game for the Jets. Throw in a Chiefs home game and a 3-1 finish can be had here.

Overall, the season will revolve around that cluster of Ravens, Patriots, Dolphins, Chargers. A strong start will make or break this season.