Jets wants Randy Moss

By Marc A. Greenberg

Forget the Drama; forget the attitude; Rex Ryan doesn’t care. He wants WR Randy Moss in a New York Jets jersey this year.

Vic Carucci of is reporting that the Jets have an interest in Moss.

According to Carucci:“Although Moss is 34 and is entering his 14th NFL season, there is at least one coach who believes he still can make a significant impact: the Jets’ Rex Ryan.

According to multiple league insiders, the interest the Jets have in Moss is twofold. One, it could help them weather the very real possibility of losing at least one of their three free-agent receivers: [Santonio] Holmes, Braylon Edwards(notes) and Brad Smith(notes). Two, it would keep Moss from returning to the Patriots, whom he is known to want to re-join.”

Obviously, this is early April so this could be Ryan’s way to stir up something with the Patriots. On the other hand, if the Jets re-sign Holmes and lose Braylon Edwards, Moss could be an intriguing option for QB Mark Sanchez.