Is Darrelle Revis the greatest CB ever?

By Marc A. Greenberg

Tampa Bay Buccaneers CB Ronde Barber, Arizona Cardinals kicker Jay Feely and “First Take” reporter Skip Bayless discussed the all-time CBs and where New York Jets CB Darrelle Revis ranks.

“He does everything you expect a corner to do,” Barber said. “He hits people. He tackles. He makes plays on the ball. He locks people down in man-to-man coverage. … But he had no interceptions this year. Largely on reputation right now, he is a great, great corner. But he doesn’t make a whole bunch of game-changing plays.”

As for Feely’s impression of Revis: “No one can objectively say he’s the greatest of all-time, but he can get there,” Feely said. “I’ll tell you why: because he’s strong, he’s physical, he can play man, he can play bump, he can be off the ball and play well.

“One of the things that makes him so great is he’s diligent. He studies hard. I played with him two years and watched him and was thoroughly impressed with him. … He practices harder than I’ve seen another guy practice. He gets after it in practice.

“There was a story he told me. I asked him ‘Why do you go so hard against Braylon Edwards.’ He said ‘Because my rookie year he burned me twice, and I want to prove to him every day in practice that I’m better than him.’ That said a lot to me.”

Barber’s all-time pick was Rod Woodson. Feely and Bayless went with Deion Sanders.