Peter King pick Pats, life goes on

By Marc A. Greenberg

Here’s your daily “Thank you, Captain Obvious” article. Peter King of has picked the New England Patriots to defeat the New York Jets 30-17 this week in Foxboro.

Here’s the exerpt from King:

No. 6 New York Jets at No. 1 New England Patriots

Good news: Quotes won’t win this game. Or lose it. I think the edge is pretty simple. Tom Brady’s much more suited to playing, and winning, a cold-weather game than Mark Sanchez. I was standing in the tunnel after the Patriots’ 45-3 win over the Jets on Dec. 6, the game played in 15-degree wind chill, and when Sanchez walked by, the kid from California looked like a popsicle. That night, Tom Brady completed 72 percent of his passes, with four touchdowns, no interceptions and a 148.9 passer rating. Sanchez’s numbers: 52 percent, zero touchdowns, three picks, 27.8 rating. This Sunday, the temperature should be a balmy 27. I’m not saying Sanchez can’t play in the cold; I’m saying his opposing number thrives in it, and Sanchez has struggled, and Sanchez is coming off a poor performance with a big late-game completion to Braylon Edwards to set up the winning field goal, indoors at Indianapolis.

I like the Patriots here for many reasons — average margin of victory in 8-0 run at end of season: 22.0 points — but this is a strange rivalry, and the Jets have proven they can grind it out against New England, having rushed for 104, 117, 136 and 152 against the Pats in the past four meetings. That’s the Jets’ hope: control the clock, give it to Shonn Greene/LaDainian Tomlinson, and limit Brady’s possessions. But Brady’s just playing too well, with too many places to go with the ball, to think he can be held down now.