Jets 38 – Bills 7

By Marc A. Greenberg

Well this one was over before it began.

In defeating the Buffalo Bills 38-7, the New York Jets didn’t reveal too much for next weeks playoff matchup against most likely the Indianapolis Colts. They didn’t have to; the Bills gave the Jets the ball every chance they could.

With 6 turnovers, including an INT for a TD (Cole), the Jets defense was the star of the show.

The Jets finished the season 11-5, their winningest season since 1998 and marking the fourth time in history they surpassed 10 wins in a season.

Rookie Joe McKnight, making the most of this opportunity, started the game and finished with 32 carries for 158 yards.

Even the terminator, John Connor, got in on the action with a 16 yard TD run.

With the Chiefs loss to the Raiders, the Jets will move to Indianapolis if the Colts win.