Jets Sanchez to start Sunday

By Marc A. Greenberg

They are in the Playoffs and not holding back.

In spite of a guaranteed spot in the Playoffs, New York Jets Head coach Rex Ryan has announced that QB Mark Sanchez will be starting against the Buffalo Bills Sunday.

Ryan said Sanchez practiced well on Thursday, and he doesn’t want to ruin his flow. “He looked good, had some on the ball and all that stuff, so we’ll go ahead and start Mark this game,” Ryan said. “How long he plays, we’ll just determine that as the game goes. But he will start for us.”

“He would not be out there if we didn’t think he was healthy,” Ryan said.

Despite whatever Ryan is saying about the Jets rhythm on offense, this decision just doesn’t make any sense.  Take it as a first round Playoff BYE game and give your starters a rest.  In the NFL, you need to take all the breaks you can get.