Sanchez to start against the Bills

By Marc A. Greenberg

Bad call on deferring the coin toss again this week: Check.

Bad idea going for a fake punt in Chicago with the lead: Check.

Bad clock management: Check.

Terrible idea Mark Sanchez against the Buffalo Bills this week:  Of course !!

A day after all but saying Sanchez would get a much needed rest headed into the playoffs, New York Jets coach Rex Ryan now says Sanchez will start the game.

“Obviously, his health is the No. 1 priority, but the fact that he’s in such a groove right now … we’ve got to look at it as week goes on,” Ryan said. “My first thought (Sunday) was to not even play him, but we’ve got to look at honing in (for the playoffs).

“I’m in that fine line, because he is hot right now and we can’t afford for him to take a step back. We need him to stay at this level.”

Despite some struggles against the Patriots and Dolphins, Sanchez was superb in Pittsburgh two weeks ago, and in Chicago last week he was 24 of 37 for 269 yards, a TD and an INT.

“I want to win this game,” Ryan said. “It’s important to win this game. If we can we get to 11 wins, which has only been done (three) times in the history of the franchise. Plus, you want to go in (to the playoffs) with a win.”

“My first thinking was, ‘Hey, good we’ll just rest him,’ but I don’t know if that’s best for him,” Ryan said. “We’ll wade through this as (the week) goes on. I want to win this game. I just think it could really help us.’’

Obviously Sanchez staying in a rhythm is crucial to the Jets success, but this is a golden opportunity to give starters a week off before the playoffs begin.  A cold game in the New Meadowlands against a division rival who has nothing to play for is a dangerous combination.

Rex, rest him.  Please.