Jets beat Steelers

By Marc A. Greenberg

Jets 22 – Steelers 17

What can you say about this game.  A great win.  We’ll talk about the clock management tomorrow; we’ll talk about the playcalling late in the game tomorrow.  For now, this was the New York Jets biggest win of the season.  It was a Top 10 win in Jets history.  This was a big one.

QB Mark Sanchez provided a turnover free December victory and pulled off some great throws and runs.

The Jets defense was solid and got the plays when the needed them.  Covering the TE and 3rd WR again remains a problem, but a win in Pittsburgh means they did something right.  Another big play by Jason Taylor with the safety late in the game to force Pittsburgh to need a TD.

On Special teams, Brad Smith led off the game with a kick return for a TD.

With the victory, the Jets are now 10-4 and 1 game behind the New England Patriots who face the Green Bay Packers tonight.