Jets Free Fall continues

By Marc A. Greenberg

It was supposed to be different. This was a new Jets team. This was a new Jets attitude.   What happened?

At what point during this season did the Gholstons of Jets past come back to haunt this new team?

We were promised a rough and tough Jets team led by a cocky coach and Broadway Quarterback?  2009 was going to be the springboard towards a Super Bowl run.  A great running team led by a great offensive line and a steady defense was the key to success?

Was it all just a mirage?

Should we, as fans, have realized after Week 1, that the Defense was actually not prepared to compete in this Pass Happy NFL?

Take a look back at Week 1. With no pressure on the QB by the front 4, a weak secondary, and an offensive line that can’t give the QB any time to make a play, it should have been clear what the year was bringing.   Now, after 13 games, we are at the same point.  The Jets can’t pressure the QB, there is no coverage by the secondary, and the offensive line looks worse every week.  (Was Alan Faneca that crucial to the chemistry?)

Can we say that LaDainian Tomlinson, with only 402 yards in the past 8 games, has hit a wall?

Can we blame Mark Sanchez for the fact that the Jets secondary cannot stop an opposing teams TE or 3rd WR?   Let’s face it, Darrelle Revis is great.  But he has done absolutely nothing this season.  Without 3 straight breaks in the middle of the season, this Jets team is 6-7.   And they look like a 6-7 team.

As for the coaching, one only needed to look at one play yesterday to realize how clueless they are.   With 1:19 to play, and after a nice pass to Jericho Cotchery, Sanchez was told to spike it on a first down, killing the momentum.  The next 3 plays were sack, incompletion, sack.  Momentum lost, game lost, potential playoff appearance lost.

As Rex Ryan approached the podium to give his post-game interview, the chants of “Fire Schotty” rang out in the background from Jets fans.

Not a good sign from a 9-4 team.