Jets vs. Dolphins – First Half Recap

By Marc A. Greenberg

Consider yourself lucky if you had something to do and missed the first half.

It’s halftime with the New York Jets trailing the Miami Dolphins 10-3.

More of the same, and some new things here.

As for the same

The Jets are awful today.

Sanchez with an INT and fumble.

The Jets run the ball up the middle for no gain every play.

The Jets at one point were forced to call a timeout with the Dolphins at the Jets 6 because the Jets had 9 guys on the field. 9.

Oh, and Ronnie Brown still fumbles every chance he gets.


As for the new

Santonio Holmes dropped a TD pass.  I mean really dropped it.  Try to find the highlight of this because it was bad.

Nick Folk made a FG.

It’s raining at the Meadowlands and the Jets are lucky to be only down 10-3.  Thankfully the Dolphins are as bad as the Jets.