UPDATE on Giants gametime

By Marc A. Greenberg

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello has released a statement Saturday evening regarding the New York Giants starting time against the Minnesota Vikings tomorrow.

UPDATE: We continue to closely monitor the weather in Minneapolis and remain in regular contact with both clubs and local public safety authorities. We will continue to do so and are prepared to make adjustments in the schedule as necessary,” Aiello wrote.

“The Giants are spending the night in Kansas City and plan to fly to Minneapolis tomorrow morning at 8 am. Because the flight is less than one hour, the game could begin as scheduled at noon CT. If conditions in Minneapolis dictate otherwise, we will move the kickoff to later in the day and announce it soon as we have the information

Basically, this means that the Giants are getting screwed. Any way you look at it, the NFL hates changing anything so even if the Giants show up at noon, this game is going down at 1pm.  Has to be frustrating if you are a first place team fighting for the playoffs.

Giants P.R. man Pat Hanlon has stated that the Giants would have a 6 am wakeup call, with a 8am flight getting to Minnesota an hour later.  Best case scenario is that the team would arrive at the stadium two and a half hours before gametime.