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Let’s start the Jets vs. Patriots hype

By Marc A. Greenberg

Let’s begin the hype this Monday, a week away from the New York Jets and New England Patriots biggest game of the year.

Make no mistake, this upcoming game is not just important; it’s division deciding.  Whoever wins this game will win the division.  It’s that simple.

For the Jets, who own the tiebreaker at the moment, a win this Monday will put them not only 1 game ahead in the standings, but two games ahead in the division.  (If the Jets win Monday and the teams are tied at the end of the season, the Jets win due to the tie-breaker).  The Jets remaining schedule is Miami, at Pittsburgh, at Chicago, and Buffalo.

For the Patriots, a win this Monday will put them 1 up in the standings and even in the tie-breaker.  With games against Chicago, Green Bay, Buffalo and Miami, the road in similar to the Jets.