Wes Welker is very scared

By Marc A. Greenberg

New England Patriots WR Wes Welker is having a tough year.

With production significantly down, Welker revealed to the Boston Herald that he still can’t shake that awful feeling when he makes a hard plant like the one that ripped out his ACL and MCL in Houston.

“Yeah, it’s getting to the point of just trusting my knee and knowing that it’s going to be fine,” Welker said. “Not that there’s doubt, but subconsciously (when you’re out there), you think there might be doubt. So for me, it’s getting past that and getting that muscle memory back.”

Honest comments from Welker but it has to scare you if you’re a Patriots fan.

For the season, Welker has 44 catches in 8 games.

His catches for the past 3 years which were the only ones with the Patriots were: 112, 111, and 123 this past season.