Braylon Edwards court case adjourned

By Marc A. Greenberg

New York Jets WR Braylon Edwards’ driving while intoxicated case has been adjourned until Jan. 11, to allow his attorney and the Manhattan district attorney’s office time to file motions.

“The schedule reflects what’s normally done in most cases,” Edwards’attorney, Peter Frankel, said outside Manhattan Criminal Court this morning. “I can tell you without hesitation it’s not getting any special treatment.”

Edwards was charged with two counts of DWI after being pulled over on Manhattan’s West Side early on the morning of Sept. 21 and, according to the criminal complaint, had a blood-alcohol content of .16 — twice the legal limit.

Good news for Jets fans here. With an adjournment, the matter will most likely not be reviewed by the NFL until a conviction or plea deal has been made. If Camp Edwards can keep adjourning the matter, the season will be over and any suspensions will begin next year.