Q and A with the Detroit Lions writer

By Marc A. Greenberg

(note: Special thanks to Zac Snyder of SideLion Report for taking the time to answer my questions about the Lions and their upcoming game with the New York Jets).


Jet Press: Is Matthew Stafford better than Mark Sanchez

SideLion Report: I don’t know that he is right now because of the time he has missed due to injury but I like his upside compared to Sanchez. Both players have a lot of desirable qualities and appear to have the demeanor necessary to become top flight NFL quarterbacks but I think that Stafford has the superior physical tools. The two quarterbacks couldn’t have been put in any more different situations. I can’t begrudge Sanchez that but I feel that a lot of the accolades bestowed upon him have been more given than earned.Jet Press: Predictions for Sunday

SideLion Report: I expect the Lions to play well but I don’t expect them to win. I will say Jets 24, Lions 23.Jet Press: The Lions have a really tough upcoming schedule. How will this season shake out?

Sidelion Report: I actually think their schedule has been tougher in the first half of the season than the second half. They have already played the road portion of their division schedule and have a great chance to break their road losing streak next week in Buffalo. I pegged the Lions as a 6-10 before the season started and I think still think that is reasonable.Jet Press: Who is the Lions best player (offense and defense)

Sidelion Report: Calvin Johnson will be the opposing defenses focal point every week. He did his part to help Matthew Stafford in his return with a season high in receptions including three for touchdowns. The guys is a freakish combination of size and speed, but that is no secret.Jet Press: Is Suh the NFL player of the year so far?

Sidelion Report: NFL player of the year is going too far but he is on a pace that would put him in the discussion for defensive player of the year. At this point, it would take a major drop off for him to not be the defensive rookie of the year. He is far outplaying fellow rookie defensive tackle Gerald McCoy who was drafted just one spot after Suh. He already has 6.5 sacks, an interception, and a fumble return for a touchdown; hard to expect anything more