Danny Woodhead’s real height

By Marc A. Greenberg

Nice work by Andy Benoit from the NY Times on this one.

The Patriots list Danny Woodhead at 5 feet 9 inches when he’s actually 5-7.  After Beniot published an article questioning this, he was contacted by Chris Gittings, one of Woodhead’s agents, and by Stacey James, a Patriots spokesman.

Gittings wrote: “For the record, he’s 5’7 and ¾”, and no, he did not ask the Pats to list him at any particular height. Good point you make in your article – the NFL knows every detail about the players. Their height is measured to the tenth of the inch, yet rosters are notoriously inaccurate.”

As for the Patriots, James wrote: “The answer to your question is that we accepted the bio information in his most recent bio as accurate. That bio listed him as 5’9″. In recent interviews since we signed him, he has confirmed that at the combine he was 5’7-3/4″. This week we confirmed that with him and rounded to the nearest inch, so we changed his listing to 5’8″. So, for the error of the last 5 weeks, I like to think of it as “The Jets’ fault!” :-)”

Good old Woodhead.