5 Questions with Lombardi Ave.

By Marc A. Greenberg

In anticipation of Sunday’s Jets vs. Packers game, we sat down with the lead blogger of the Packers site, Lombardi Ave., and asked five questions about the Packers

Question: What are you Impressions of the season so far for the Packers?

Answer: It’s been a major disappointment in GB. Most fans and media would have put the season at 5-1. The disappointing part has to be the play of the offense and the defense has given up way too many yards and are not helping the struggling offense out.

Question: What happened to Charles Woodson?

Answer: Woodson is not playing like his DPOY (Defensive Player of the Year) award last year but that’s hard to live up to. Still he has the potential to turn it on and get it going but his struggles do go hand in hand with the season struggles of the team.

Question: What do the Packers need to do to win on Sunday?

Answer: Hands down they need to hold on to the ball. Turnovers will kill this team against the Jets. Consistent pressure on Sanchez won’t help either unless the GB front can contain Tomlinson and Green. The best chance to beat the Jets is by short passes that pick up 4 and 5 yard chunks and wear out the defense.

Question: Where do you see Green bay finishing this year?

Answer: With a weak NFC the packers should still win the division and still have a shot at playing in the Championship game, but they need a lot more consistency from every aspect of their team.

Question: Do you wish Favre was still your QB?

Answer: Do you?