Deanna Favre asked about Brett

By Marc A. Greenberg

Deanna Favre, the wife of Vikings quarterback Brett Favre, appeared on Good Morning America and FOX & Friends to talk about her new book, but the interviews took an obvious turn towards the allegations of potential sexual harassment by Favre on Jenn Sterger.

“What can you share with us?” Robin Roberts of ABC asked her.

“I can tell you that faith . . . has gotten me through many difficult struggles,” Deanna Favre said. “It will get me through this one, and that’s the reason Shane [Stanford] and I wrote the book, The Cure for the Chronic Life.”

Roberts tried again to get Deanna to truly “open up”, telling her that people close to Deanna undoubtedly are concerned about her, and then asking her how she’s handling everything.

“I’m handling this through faith,” she said, and then she quoted a Biblical verse she keeps on her refrigerator: “Don’t be afraid. I will uphold you through my victorious right hand.”

On FOX, Deanna Favre was asked, “What has [Brett] told you and how are you dealing with it?”

Said Deanna, “I won’t go into anything personal, but faith really is my crutch. It’s always been my crutch. It got me through many struggles, as you can read in The Cure for the Chronic Life.”