Jets beat Broncos – and other news

By Marc A. Greenberg

Back in September, Jet Press listed its top 10 keys to the Jets season. At number 1 was Kicker Nick Folk and his ability to handle the pressure. Well, Folk has been dynamite this season, connecting on a career best 56 yd. fg yesterday in Denver.

– The penalty to give the Jets a first and 2 late in the game yesterday was a penalty. There can be no denying that fact. The issue most people are having, and rightfully so, is that the NFL should make a pass interference call a 15 yard penalty and not a spot foul. It doesn’t seem fair that a receiver can be interfered with and automatically assume that he would have caught the ball had he not been.

– Darrelle Revis said he was about 90% healthy for the game. Let’s see if a BYE week will make him 100% for Green Bay on Halloween.

– Some real questionable officiating. That penalty on Leonhard was non-existent, and the refs seemed to flag receivers every chance they got.

Here are the Jets leaders so far this season:

Mark SanchezATT COMP YDS TD98-177, 1100 yards, 9 TDs, 2 Ints.

RUSHINGL. Tomlinson 92-490 yards, 5.3 avg., 5 TDsS. Greene 71-323 yards, 4.5 avg., 1 TD

RECEIVINGB. Edwards 21-343 yards, 16.3 avg., 4 TDsD. Keller 24-343 yards, 14.3 avg., 5 TDs

DEFENSED. Harris – 40 TacklesA. Cromartie – 2 INTsS. Ellis – 3.5 Sacks