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Reporter Sainz to stop locker room interviews

By Marc A. Greenberg

Mexican television reporter Ines Sainz of TV Azteca, who said the New York Jets made her feel uncomfortable in their locker room, will be returning to work next week, but says she’ll do her interviews outside the locker room.

Sainz said Thursday at a news conference near Universal Studios that she doesn’t want to be in locker rooms

Sainz had originally claimed Jets head coach Rex Ryan, one of his assistants and some of the team’s players allegedly pestered her with goofy, on-field antics and locker-room catcalls.

But later, in her TV report, Sainz said she never felt offended and that the whole situation was taken out of context.

“In my opinion, I never felt attacked, nor that they reacted grossly toward me,” she said. “I arrived in the locker room and there were comments and games. One of the other reporters came up to me and apologized for what was happening, but I thought [the players] were joking around.”

Sainz also says she suggested to the NFL that she conduct player interviews on the field or on the sideline.