Watch out for the Bills

By Marc A. Greenberg

At 0-3, it certainly appears that the Buffalo Bills are not up to the task come this Sunday. But beware…. The Bills have been playing better with the naming of QB Ryan Fitzpatrick as the teams starter.

Classic trap game here, folks.

Last Sunday against the Patriots, Fitzpatrick threw for 247 yards and two scores – along with two interceptions – in a 38-30 loss. He has mobility, can get out of the pocket to scramble and takes chances with his throws.

Classic trap game.

Names to watch: Roscoe Parrish, CJ Spiller

The Bills have some speedsters and the Jets need to be prepared. We all remember last season when Ted Ginn Jr. shredded the Jets special teams with his 2 TDs on kickoffs. Well, Spiller can do that as well.

The Bills defense, however, was another story. With 5 sacks this season and no INTs, the defense can be exploited by Sanchez.

Bills 0-16?

Looking at the remainder of the Bills schedule, it is certainly possible we can be witnessing an 0-16 season. With the exception of the Jaguars and maybe the Lions, it is pretty tough.

Here are the Bills remaining games:

JetsJacksonvilleat Ravensat ChiefsBearsLionsat BengalsSteelersat VikingsBrownsat DolphinsPatriotsat Jets