Jets Notes

By Marc A. Greenberg

– Coach Rex Ryan addressed the team Wednesday regarding its recent conduct. “Quite honestly, I’m basically tired of dealing with these issues,” Ryan told reporters. “I’m tired of the embarrassment to our owner and this organization. Let’s just end it. Let’s just stop. However severe or minor, we don’t need to be that team.”

– As for Braylon Edwards, he will be playing, not starting, Sunday night. We will see when Ryan decides to put him in. Apparently the Jets aren’t too concerned about DWI’s.

– If you are interested in a T-Shirt featuring Braylon Edwards and his glorious beard, there is a website (possibly Edwards’ own) that is selling them. Enjoy:

– Darrelle Revis will not dress for Sunday night. Apparently the Jets are concerned about hammys and Revis won’t make the trip. Watch out for this injury and don’t expect Revis to be playing in Buffalo next week either. The following week is a Monday Night matchup against the Vikings.

– Jason Taylor, expected to play despite an elbow injury, had a conference call Wednesday with the South Florida media. Asked if he’d still be a Dolphin if Bill Parcells had turned over football operations six months ago, Taylor said, “If you held my hand over a fire to give you an answer, I’d say yes.”

– As for the Dolphins, this will be the teams first home game this season. The Dolphins are looking to reach 3-0 for the first time since 2002.

– The Dolphins are tied with Pittsburgh (20 pts) for the least amount of pts allowed this season.

– Both Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams lost a fumble last week against Minnesota.