Jets vs. Patriots

By Marc A. Greenberg

Coming off the Ravens game, Jets fans are already in a daze.  Yes, it’s one game, but watching the play calls, watching Sanchez check-off, watching Jenkins out for the season, and now, hearing that Darrelle Revis has a tight hammy… well, all is not well in Jets land.

It changes Sunday.  Let’s go back to last season.  Week 2. Patriots at Jets. The crowd was roaring, the Jets were pumped up, and Tom Brady couldn’t match the NY intensity.

It changes Sunday.  The Jets will go back to their bread and butter; the run.  Shonn Greene will shake out a dismal opener and run the ball.  Let’s preview the Keys to the Game.

1. Jets defense needs to pressure Brady all day.  With Randy Moss, Wes Welker and a plethera of other WRs and RBs, the Pats will be throwing the ball Sunday.  Provided that Revis is healthy and will guard Moss (See: The Welker Factor), it will be up to the secondary (Cromartie and Wilson), to stop the bleeding.  No more holdings, no more pass interferences.

2. Sanchez needs to be Sanchez.  Stop thinking, kid.  Say what you want about Schotty, but he probably knows more about offense than you.  Sanchez needs to stop checking-off plays and just throw the darn ball.  That’s it.  Slants, deep passes, screens.  Throw the darn ball.

3. Dustin Keller.  Merrill Hoge made a comment this week that, after reviewing the tape of the Ravens game, it appeared that Sanchez always looked at Keller first in a pass play, and didn’t look to the WRs.  This has to stop.  Sanchez needs to open it up. Now.

4. Shonn Greene.  Let’s see a 100 yard game from you Shonn. No fumbles.

5. The Welker Factor.  Who will guard WR Wes Welker?  When the Jets blitz, and they will be blitzing, Brady will be looking in Welker’s direction.  Do you put Revis on Welker and leave Cromartie for Moss or the other way around?

6. Jets offensive line.  The line needs to provide time for Sanchez to throw the ball.  This is the same line as last year (sub Faneca for Slauson). Not a major difference, condiersing Faneca’s weakness was pass blocking.  The line needs to step it up. Now.

In the end, we just can’t see the Jets beginning the season 0-2.  Too much talent, too much running ability. Too much defense.

Jets 24 – Patriots 17