Ryan doubts himself

By Marc A. Greenberg

Seeing what the rest of Jets nation saw on Monday night, Rex Ryan yesterday stated that he should have moved Darrelle Revis around more to defend Anquan Boldin, rather than keep Revis on one side of the field.

“Obviously, with the kind of day Boldin had, it’s probably easy to go back and question that,’’ Ryan conceded. “It was my decision to keep him on the left side, because I thought we could save some running for him going back and forth. I wanted to take that away from him because he only had the one week of practice. “Hindsight being what it is, I probably should have matched him on Boldin, but at the time I felt it would be better for Darrelle that we just keep him in one spot so he wouldn’t have to travel all the time.

“He’s in shape, but the football shape part of it I worried about. But I think we’ve got to (let Revis) travel.’’

If you take Ryan’s words to heart, then Revis’ holdout cost the Jets on Monday. Blame Revis, blame Woody.