Did New York invade Mexico?

By Marc A. Greenberg

Aside from their opening day debacle, the internet world has been abuzz over the reported harassment by certain members of the New York Jets over Mexican TV reporter Inez Sainz.

Sainz, who was covering the Jets for TV Azteca at Saturday’s Jets practice, said she has cooperated with an NFL investigation into whether Jets players acted inappropriately toward her at the team’s workout and in the locker room.

“I personally believe that if (NFL security) find that (Jets players) are very aggressive in the way they speak about me, yes they deserve (punishment),” Sainz said on ABC’s Good Morning America.  “But I’m not sure it happened.”

Allegedly, numerous Jets were deliberately throwing footballs to players in her direction.  Like a red shell, most were on the mark.  No word on whether Sainz was able to jump the rest.

Upon entering the team’s locker room to interview QB Mark Sanchez, Sainz said she heard comments from players such as “Oh my goodness she’s here,” and “OK, I want to be Mexican.”

On Tuesday, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told USA TODAY no disciplinary action would be taken by the NFL.