Reflections from Sunday

By Marc A. Greenberg

Good to have real football back.  For some teams.  For others (see: Cleveland Browns), it’s going to be a long season.

Let’s reflect, shall we?

1. The Texans put a good old fashioned thumping on the Colts.  Week 11, they come to town. Will be tougher than expected.   That Bob Sanders injury for the Colts will be costly, again.  Sanders has missed way too many games over his career.

2. Dallas may have a bigger problem on their offensive line than the Jets.  Too many penalties including a holding call by Alex Barron (Mr. Penalty) that cost them the game last night.

3. The Patriots are back, folks.  Welker look fine; Moss looks angry (which will be good unless he blows up the team), and Brady looks determined.  Watch out AFC East.  Back to Moss, he’s made negative comments two weeks in a row, so keep an eye on that situation.

4. Michael Vick looks like the old Michael Vick.  Watch out Kevin Kolb. Your concussion may sideline you longer than expected.