Jets roster complete

By Marc A. Greenberg

Well it only took all of training camp and a mere week before the season opener for the Jets to have their starters in place.

With the signing of Darrelle Revis this week and the cutting, and then re-signing of Tony Richardson, the Jets appear ready to make a run for the title.

Some quick hits:

1. David Clowney was released. Clowney never really made that impact the coaches were looking for. Too bad for him. He had a chance with Santonio Holmes out for the first 4 weeks.

2. Chauncey Washington was waived. Pretty tough situation for Washington and the Jets. He outplayed Joe McKnight all preseason and in practice and unfortunately was the odd man out.  The Jets didn’t want to release McKnight and gave him the benefit of the doubt here. We will see if it comes back to bite them.

3. What a week for Tony Richardson.  The 38 year old was released by the Jets only to be re-signed.  The Jets now don’t have to guarantee the $855,000 salary.  It must be tough as a player in the NFL.  So many decisions revolve around guaranteed money and if you don’t have your head on right and realize that the NFL is a business, you may get lost.

4. GM Mike Tannenbaum is a pretty shrewd guy.  Seemingly locked down by the exception placed at the start of the season, Mr. T has had no troubles in filling the roster with veterans and key players.

5. After Clowney was released, the Jets signed 2 year player Patrick Turner who waws released by the Dolphins.  Turner, a 6’5, 220 lb. WR out of USC has some potential with his big frame. Could be good in the end zone.