Jets finish up preseason with win

By Marc A. Greenberg

It certainly is not getting prettier for Joe McKnight. Or the Jets for that matter.

Coming off a sloppy game against the –, the Jets followed suit with another fumbled filled festival in defeating the Philadelphia Eagles last night 21-17 in Philly.

Let’s recap:

1. Mark Brunell eased some concerns with the backup QB situation. He was relatively calm and did lead scoring drives. 11 of 17 for 118 yards with 2 TDs is a good way to end the preseason.  Sanchez acted as off. coor. at points in the game. Both TD drives by Brunell actually. (insert the Jets may be better with Brunell as QB and Sanchez as coor. joke here).

2. Joe McKnight. Fumble. Again. For the third time, and this one resulting in a 64 yd return for a TD, McKnight has now officially proven to the Jets that he cannot be trusted.  While Rex Ryan said the fourth-round pick isn’t in jeopardy of getting cut, he said McKnight was “on the bubble of making the active roster.” “Right now, I don’t have confidence in him. I don’t see how he can make the active roster. Disappointed in him. . . . He’s going to make the team. We’re not going to play him until we have more confidence in him.”  Wow.

3. I wonder how Leon Washington is going to do this season.

4. That Santonio Holmes is real good. The Jets are going to miss for the first four games this season. Holmes caught a 51 yd TD pass from Brunell in the fourth quarter and ended with 4 catches for 97 yards.

5. Chauncey Washington is a player. 56 yards on 12 carries is nothing compared to Washington’s hard work and ability to drive over defenders. Watch out for Washington this season.

6. Still no Darrelle Revis.  This situation is officially out of control and can destroy the Jets season.  Makes you wonder if both sides actually want to work with each other.  If so, this deal would have been signed already.