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Jets Preseason Woes continue

By Marc A. Greenberg

Yes, it is the preseason, Yes the coaches don’t give all plays, but something is off here.

The Jets, losers to the Redskins friday night in the Meadowlands have shown the same problems that plagued them the first two preseason games: poor offensive line and problems at QB.   It may be time to start worrying here.  Let’s recap the game:

1. Offensive line needs to give Sanchez more time.  Aside from Ducasse almost killing Sanchez with a non-block, it has been ends Damien Woody and D’Brick who have been oddly slow this season.  In the NFL, the Defensive Ends will have a field day with the blocking we are seeing. The line needs to wake up before Sept. 13 hits;

2. Did you see Sanchez hit Holmes on that quick slant that Holmes would fumble on?  That’s what the Jets needs this season, aside from the fumble.  Quick throws and giving the WRs room to run and make plays.  Look for that play early and often this season;

3. I think it’s officially time to open the checkbook to Darrelle Revis.  The Jets do not seem capable of having Cromartie as the teams number 1 CB with Rookie Kyle Wilson (who has been playing well) as the 2, and Lowery as the 3.  Too tough for them with this blitzing defense.  The Jets need Revis, Cromartie, Wilson and Lowery as 1-4.  There’s no other way.

4. Did Nick Folk really miss that extra point?   Can you imagine if that happens in January?  Oh boy.

5. Calvin Pace is out for a few weeks with an injured ankle. As the Jets leading sacker last season, obviously the loss of Pace is huge. Reight now we don’t know the extent of the injury other than Pace will most likely miss Week 1.  That means Jason Taylor will see his playing time increase from 50% to 100%.  Let’s hope he’s as ready as…

6.  Wow LT looks great.  Not only a fast runner, but a smart runner. LT knows how to cut and knows where he’s going.  So far, he looks like the Jets best pickup this season.

7.  Joe McKnight needs to hold on to the ball.  Looking good on punt returns, McKnight cannot afford to fumble the ball one more time.  This defense is too good to allow opposing teams to drive 80 yards each time. Allowing them under 50 yards is a different story.  The fumbles stop here.