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Game time

By Marc A. Greenberg

In the last tuneup before real NFL action (starters will probably be extremely limited next week), Rex Ryan plans to have QB Mark Sanchez and the rest of the first team on the field for about 3 quarters tonight against the Redskins.

Looking to improve their fluidity on offense, the Jets need a lot more from their offensive line; both for protection for Sanchez and to open up holes for Shonn Greene and LT.

Offseason Acquisitions

Looking at the key acquisitions in the off-season, the most potential appears to be from Santonio Holmes.  Yes, LT and Cromartie are extremely important to this team and if LT can find his legs then watch out.  (If Cromartie can remain focused all season, he will be a top CB. and if Revis gets signed soon, the Jets will be scary).

But Holmes is that key WR that the Jets have been missing for the better part of the last 10 or so years. He can stretch the field, make plays and let Edwards and Cotchery face lesser CBs. Not to mention Keller and LT in the backfield catching passes.

Jason Taylor really has shown anything yet, but it is the preseason and Taylor knows how to play the game.

As for K Nick Folk, let’s not make a decision on him until January rolls around. Folk has been solid in preseason making his FGs and actually getting touchbacks on kickoffs (something the Jets are not used to getting).  But we all know the life of a kicker. Let’s see how he responds to real pressure.