Quick hits from Monday night

By Marc A. Greenberg

So glad to see you guys.

Football was back in full effect last night at the Meadowlands as the Giants defeated the Jets 31-16 in the first preseason game of 2010.

Let’s recap with some quick hits:

1. Sanchez looked pretty darn good and that knee showed no problems. After an early INT, he was everything you want to see in him this season.

2. So sorry I underestimated you, LT. That guy will be such a force this season out of the backfield. Did you see that TD catch and run that was called back in the first quarter.  He will be a great dump-off for Sanchez this season.

3. Umm… Darrelle Revis… on second thought, maybe we do need you pretty quickly.  Jets 3rd, 4th and 5th CBs did not show up to play.

4. Kris Jenkins just eats up offensive lineman. You forget how valuable he is when he’s not on the field. Just rest this guy for the remainder of the preseason, Rex.

5. Nick Folk missed that 46 yd. FG wide right. I got nauseus picturing him doing that in January.

6. Brandon Jacobs runs way too lightly in the red zone, doesn’t he?

7. Shonn Greene does not run too lightly. I think he hits harder than the defense trying to tackle him.

8. Is Gholston a holdout like Revis?  Didn’t see him…again.

9. Calvin Pace reminded everyone why we shouldn’t forget about him after the signing of Jason Taylor. Big hit on Mannning.

10. Funny how a Jets CB can never make an INT.  Cromartie dropped 2 that he would have scooped up in San Diego, no doubt.

11. Kellen Clemens looked pretty darn good out there. Real zip on his passes. Hold up on giving Brunell the 2nd QB spot there Rex.

12. Another false start penalty on TE Ben Hartsock.  Enough already.

Next Jets game is Saturday, August 21 at 8pm against the Carolina Panthers in Carolina.