Keys to the Season (cont)

By Marc A. Greenberg

We’re in the home stretch. Only 3 Keys to the Jets season left:

3. Shonn Greene

We know about the past. We know about the injuries. We know about the departure of work horse Thomas Jones. Now it’s about Greene and his ability to go 16 weeks of regular season with more energy left for the playoffs. Yes, LT is here to carry some of the load, but let’s face it, a RB in the NFL gets beat up. You need to wear down that defense and keep on ticking. Can Greene hold up for an entire season?  Jets fans are sure hoping so.

2. Darrelle Revis

Let’s throw a wrench in what you believe are the 10 Keys to the Jets Season. Yes, Revis is important to the Jets success; but crucial?

Think about this defense. Scott, Harris, Cromartie, Jenkins, Pace, Ellis, Taylor, Leonhard, Pool.  Not bad. Actually, pretty darn good.  Throw the best player in the NFL in the mix and obviously, it’s a top D.

But the Jets can still survuve without Revis this season. They don’t want to, but they can.  It’s easier on the D when it’s 10 against 10, rather than 11 against 11 (that’s just how good Revis it); but this team is designed to win now, and they can’t be distracted by the absence of Revis.

Coming Up… The Number 1 Key to the Jets season