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Breaking up is hard to do

By Marc A. Greenberg

In what has now become a classic he-said, she-said argument, the agents for Darrelle Revis are calling Jets owner a liar for claiming that Revis has turned down an offer to meet with Owner Woody Johnson.

Revis’ agent, Neil Schwartz, told the New York Daily News that Johnson’s contention that Revis’ camp turned down a personal meeting with him was a “a blatant lie. Whoever said that is a blatant liar,” Schwartz told the paper.

Also around the rumor mill is that the Jets have offered Revis a 10 year, $120 million contract. The amount of guaranteed money is unclear, which of course, is the main reason that Revis is holding out. Guaranteed money controls in this game and the Jets seem unwilling to budge at this point.  Revis is rumored to want 10 years at $160 million, so the sides appear to be $40 million off. Of course if the Jets don’t have any guaranteed money on the table, the sides are $160 million off, give or take a couple million.