Revis is officially a holdout

By Marc A. Greenberg

Jets fans… get ready for another cold winter.

Jets players had until 5:30pm to report to the team bus headed for training camp.

Everyone was on board.  Well, almost everyone. Darrelle Revis was the lone absentee. So let me take that back… practically nobody was on the bus.

If the Jets want to compete for the title this year, Revis must be on the bus. The Jets need him on that bus.

Revis’ reps released the following statement:

“We waited until last (possible) minute with hope of getting something done. Darrelle won’t be there.”

So after extensions to Rex and Mr. T; after a new deal for D’Brick, Revis will find himself home tonight… alone.

Back up the bus, NY; it could be a cold winter