AFC East Dream Team

By Marc A. Greenberg

In the ultimate matchup, has decided to pit division against division with the best players at each position representing their team.

The AFC East, made up of the Jets, Pats, Bills and Dolphins, are teaming up to take on the NFL.  Over the next few weeks, this site, along with the Musket Fire (Pats), Buffalowdown (Bills) and Phin Phanatic (Dolphins), will play host to greatness.

Because Defense wins championships, the AFC East begins with the D, a 3-4 combo that will wreak havoc on its competition.

So without further ado, we present the Defensive Line.


Shaun Ellis – Picked up his game since the Jets transitioned from the 4-3 and has been a valuable piece to the Jets line. With an injured Kris Jenkins, and the thought of Vernon Gholston on the other end, look for Ellis to be a leader this year (that is, if the Jets don’t screw up his contract talks as well).

Vincent Wilfork – Had to be above Kris Jenkins here. Wilfork is as good as they come at DT.  A recent contract shouldn’t satisfy this big man, who will shut down the run.

Randy Starks – With 7 sacks to go with 56 tackles in 2009, Starks makes the list.