Mangold’s turn to put the pressure on

By Marc A. Greenberg

Mad Mangold

Because ‘One is no Fun’, yesterday was Nick Mangold’s turn to trash talk the franchise that hasn’t been able to put out the fire yet.

Mangold, 26, and in the last year of his 5 year contract, has previously stated his desire for a new contract before this season begins, but never like this.

“I’ve tried to do the right things on and off the field, and I feel it’s the Jets’ turn to do the same. Not having that security of an extension is bothersome. It’ll affect our long-term relationship.  If they’re going to let me go through the season without the security of a long-term deal [and then apply the franchise tag], I’m going to have to decide my wants and desires to be on a team that would allow that to happen.”

So let’s recap: The Jets have upset not only their star CB (and perhaps top 5 player in the NFL, but now have upset their all-pro center who is looking at a future that doesn’t include gang green.

We all understand that business is business and if the Jets resign both guys it shouldn’t have an impact on their playing, but you never know these days.  Players are extremely fragile and this “me-first” attitude is becoming so much more prevalant these days that players have no team loyalty and look to the money.

Santonio Shines

In brighter news, Santonio Holmes shined in practice and, despite his absence from the first four games this season, he looks to be a valuable pick-up.

More Wind?

So the Giants held an open practice yesterday at the new Meadowlands, with about 8,000 fans attending. Aside from the players and coaches gushing about the facility and the amped up crowd noise, Giants VP Chris Mara did offer some sobering news:   “I think it’s gonna be a lot windier in here than the other stadium, ’cause it’s so wide-open, and there’s no walls back there, so I think the wind’s gonna be able to come in and circulate, so I think it’ll be a little trickier than the old one, believe it or not.”

Let’s hope the Jets are equipped to run that ball this season.